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Quantity Surveying is the core of our business. We provide commercial support to employers and project teams, giving a professional and integrated service, managing costs from project inception through to completion whilst maintaining complete control.  


We are experienced and able to undertake a wide variety of tasks and exercises to help manage costs and expenditure on projects. These include:


  • Measurement,

  • Feasibility Reports ,

  • Cost Planning,

  • Cashflow forecasts, 

  • Cost reporting,

  • Tender preparation,

  • Bills of Quantities,

  • Schedules of rates,

  • Tender Analysis and Bid Negotiation,

  • Value Engineering and Value Management tasks,

  • Risk Registers,

  • Contract (including Subcontract) Preparation,

  • Change Control - Variation pricing using a variety of company, contract and published pricing data,

  • Interim/Final Account valuations,

  • Cost to Complete & Final Account Forecasting utilising Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR), and 

  • Final account analysis and certification.

Project Management

We are able to assist Employers in forming a comprehensive and detailed brief. We will also lead the project team on behalf of the Employer at all stages of a project life-cycle to ensure the Employer's bespoke needs and requirements are met.


Pre and post contract advice on contract selection, terms, particulars, warranties and bonds.

Employer's Agent / Contract Administration

We are able to provide a professional and independent service to manage and administer all types and forms of construction Contract.


We are experienced in providing advice on case strategy, enabling the strategic preparation, submission, negotiation and settlement of claims, as well as defending claims.

DISPUTE Avoidance

We recognise some parties may want to avoid dispute resolution methods that can prove disruptive to businesses. For this reason, it may be that our review of the existing forms of Contract and systems may help reduce or eliminate the disputes encountered prior to formal proceedings being commenced. We also offer training tailored to suit your business needs, to better inform, identify and react to potential disputes before or when they arise.

Expert Witness

We provide an independent and impartial service and possess the technical skills to quickly and efficiently resolve the most complex issues. When a dispute requires an expert to testify, we have a thorough understanding of the most complex issues. We also personally write the report that is eventually issued.  

Where we maintain involvement on day-to-day live projects, we are able to keep informed of the current practices, such as methods of measurement and contract valuation rules. We also have a detailed technical understanding and knowledge of current project issues and attend continuous professional development in quantum related matters.


In providing this service, we prefer to work closely with and support our client’s legal team and provide a regular updated draft opinion. This allows our client and their team to know their position at the earliest time and assists them in making an informed decision at each stage of the dispute process.

Claims Preparation

It is inevitable that some projects will experience delay and / or be disrupted and incur additional cost as a consequence. We understand the key to recovering an entitlement to time and/or money relies on the ability to comprehensively determine cause and effect. We can both manage and assist with the collation of all necessary evidence to make a claim and similarly defend against any claims received.  

We can provide clients with independent and honest advice as well as a strategic insight and support including analysis, quantification, preparation and presentation of construction claims. 


We have the knowledge and experience to assist with preparing an effective claim through developing a strategic approach to present a claim in a way that will maximise the potential for recovering losses. 


Our expertise can assist with both the preparation and presentation of all types of claims including:

  • Scope Changes

  • Delay and Prolongation Claims 

  • Disruption Claims

  • Payment Claims

  • Termination Claims (including Wrongful Contract Termination or Suspension)

  • Cost of Corrective Work

  • Construction Productivity Loss

  • Construction Means and Methods

  • Unforeseen and Differing Site Conditions

  • Management Issues

  • Assessment of Force Majeure Events

  • Defective and Deficient Contract Documents

  • Construction Acceleration

  • Tortious Claims


Through our extensive experience of evaluating and assessing claims, both domestically and internationally under various forms of Contract in both public and private sector projects on behalf of owners and contractors alike, we are equipped to identify costs and claims in a timely and cost effective manner that best serves the interests of our clients. Furthermore, where we have undertaken and assisted with Expert Witness roles, we have experience of what is required for a claim to succeed and how to present it.

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